20 decorative atmospheres with paneling

20 decorative atmospheres with paneling

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Paneling has many virtues: in addition to its insulating appearance, it now offers many decorative solutions thanks to its wide range of models. In raw, natural or colored versions, in wood but also in PVC to adapt to any room, it is a resourceful material that allows you to create very personalized decorative atmospheres. Far from the only mountain chalet model, the paneling today, thanks to its wide variety of ranges, has been able to adapt to consumer demand and renew its offer: pastel colors, but also pop, wider slats for an American-style cladding effect, PVC paneling for greater resistance… Its decorative advantages are added to its comfortable and practical advantages: good sound and thermal insulation, the paneling also makes it possible to hide the imperfections of an unsightly wall. In terms of finishes, some models of paneling are sold raw, it's up to you to paint or varnish them. And precisely on the varnish side, these are becoming more and more natural, for better respect for the environment. It is then up to you to create the wooden atmosphere with the paneling that suits you: revisited chalet, seaside, nature, but also loft by choosing wider wooden slats and laying horizontally! All our videos Entrance, corridor and landing


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