The comeback of the 1950s pin-up girl

The comeback of the 1950s pin-up girl

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Sensual, carnal and sexy, the 1950s pin-up girl is back on the scene. If Dita Von Teese has revived the attraction for pin-ups, this trend is found in "stripping" lessons, in a feminine and retro look and also in decoration! But what exactly is a pinup? Pin-up translates from English as "pin" or "hang on the wall", referring to sexy women pictures that some men put on the walls. The golden age of this pin-up fashion dates back to the 1940s and 1950s. Women taken in this way take sexy poses without being vulgar and wear small, light outfits. With the return of the 1950s whether in fashion or decoration, the pin-up look reappears and appears in the decoration. It is thus found mainly on decorative accessories. Hello My Cushion, for example, offers a pin-up cushion and tote in a retro spirit very 1950s. Teo Jasmin, revisits the golden age of Coca Cola by displaying a pin-up that praises its merits. Many stickers from several brands (like Mandellia for example), display the sexy silhouettes of pin-ups. Finally, some small brands have made it their credo and even offer small furniture such as stools and chairs with pin-up effigies.


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