Aerated concrete for interior design

Aerated concrete for interior design

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Easy to install and cut, light and handy, aerated concrete is particularly suitable for interior design, whether for the design of shower partitions, kitchen furniture, shelves or fireplace surrounds. Siporex offers 100% natural and non-polluting cellular concrete tiles of several thicknesses to carry out your layouts. Thin tiles are perfect for decoration or bath surrounds and larger, taller tiles allow you to mount partitions and support loads. Siporex tiles also have the distinction of accepting a wide variety of finishes such as paint, plaster, plaster ... but can also remain rough for a "stone" appearance.

Create a contemporary fireplace

The tile is used as a case for a piece of hearth, topped with a brushed steel hood. To start mounting, check the location on the ground using a ruler and a pencil. The installation of the first tile must be checked using a spirit level. After having prepared the adhesive mortar on the ground, the first row is placed directly on a bed of uniform Pre-col drawn with a notched trowel. Lintels assembled by steel threads are placed on the elements glued to the floor. They provide great stability to the base of the fireplace. Then just continue mounting the tiles around the fireplace hearth. > More info on: www.siporex.fr