Decorative ideas for retro toilets

Decorative ideas for retro toilets

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The trend is for vintage-style toilets by developing a style that is both cozy and original in this room. Do not neglect the decoration of your toilet. This room is a passage space for hosts and guests. It is therefore essential to make it a well decorated and pleasant place for everyone.

A vintage atmosphere

In a resolutely vintage spirit, adopt the retro style in your toilet. To create an original wellness area in a retro style, revamp your toilet with decorative elements in a vintage atmosphere. To do this, opt for vinyls on the walls. Let your imagination run wild with vinyl wallpaper with the motif of your choice. Chic colors and timeless patterns such as stripes and damask are inviting on wallpapers for refined and classic universes. Now washable, resistant and easy to install, vinyl wallpaper will be the ideal element for the walls of your toilet. These offer tremendous decoration possibilities. For the floor, choose black and white tiles with a checkerboard pattern or else, cement tiles for old-fashioned patterns. In terms of decoration, bet on a return to the past by opting for vintage accessories. Sweeper, trash can, carpet and toilet paper holder, bet on the charm of the old and authentic decorative items. Aesthetic and practical, your toilets have their best assets.