Video: Customize a carafe

Video: Customize a carafe

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The animals take possession of the decor. With special glass paint create your pattern to personalize your dishes. Simple glasses, carafe or cups can be personalized and personalized to match your style. Level: Easy Completion time (excluding drying time): 1 hour Indicative cost : 18 euros Necessary material : 1 can of special paint for orange glass 1 can for special paint for white glass 1 can for special paint for pink glass 1 black felt pen 1 carafe Steps : - Tape the motif inside the carafe. - Mix white with yellow to obtain the desired shade. - Paint the giraffe following the pattern. - Leave to dry for 4 hours on the surface. - Paint the eyes in white and the tongue in pink. - Leave to dry for 4 hours on the surface and trace the contours and details of the giraffe with a special black glass marker. - Let dry 24 hours before cooking for 40 min in the oven set to 160 °. The most decorative : To carry out drawings simply, it is enough to print its pattern, to tape it inside the container and to trace the contours with a special felt-tip pen. Decorative creation : Véronique Rambaldi Thanks to Pébéo


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