Give a seaside style to a salon for 350 euros

Give a seaside style to a salon for 350 euros

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Since the arrival of the beautiful days, the call of the sea whistles tirelessly in your ears and you have in all and for all a decoration budget not exceeding 350 euros. The question is therefore: "how to arrange a lounge with a seaside atmosphere with this budget?" Here are some good principles to follow to help you and a little shopping!

Bet on colors!

Your living room must breathe the fresh air: on your walls, lots of white, beige and various shades of blue ranging from light bluish gray to navy blue reminiscent of the Mediterranean seaside, passing by Atlantic blue. It is the basis of the seaside style. Regarding furniture, whether you decide to recover, restore or buy, wear your choice above all on white painted wood combined with rattan for a very natural atmosphere. (Guérande coffee table at 119 euros at Vente unique or Ocean coffee table at 199.99 euros at Maison de Valérie as well as small Kubu cubes at 49 euros at Mooviin)

Symbols of the sea spirit

With 350 euros, you will obviously not be able to completely renew the decorative items in your living room. So think about changing the basic objects that really play on the living room atmosphere as a priority: for example, the curtains, lamps and armchair cushions. Shells and crustaceans on the cushions (35 euros at Ubaldi), traditional marine stripes for the curtains (34.99 euros at La Redoute), boat spirit and marine knot for the table lamp (66 euros at C'tendance). On the accessorization side, you can play with many "symbols" of the marine spirit: beach huts, lighthouses, sails, cargo, buoys and ropes ... And in terms of material, do not forget the driftwood typical of the atmosphere on board sea!