Children: how to arrange a double AND personal room?

Children: how to arrange a double AND personal room?

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You have two children and you are cruelly short of space to offer them a room for everyone. Many parents are confronted with this problem! Fortunately, there are many ingenious ideas for a common room. We prove to you that it is possible to have two children living together in the same room, with joy and good humor!

1. Define the location of the beds

© So Nuit The difference in age and gender of your two children will have a considerable influence on the configuration of the room. And to arrange the room without disturbing everyone's balance, there are many solutions. Here are some of them: Play on height: Do you have a boy and a girl? A young adolescent and a child? If your children do not have the same wants and needs, you must offer a personal space to each. The sleeping area is the preferred space. This is where they can isolate themselves in complete privacy. How to do it ? By playing with the height: * The essential bunk beds remain major solutions. Place your module against a wall to free up maximum space. Arranged in the center of the room, it can create two separate spaces. * The loft bed can also be considered because it allows to offer independent spaces while saving space. Indeed, one can imagine a play area or desks under the beds. And to give character and volume to the room, you can also choose a loft bed and a loft bed at half height. In this way, your children do not see each other and can thus create their true universe.

© Amber Interiors * Finally, if the height under the ceiling allows you, you can choose to create a real mezzanine. By creating several levels, you will allow the elder to create a cozy and intimate corner. An ideal solution if the age difference between your children is significant. Playing on the length: Are your children too young to sleep high? Rather than playing with the ceiling height, you can arrange the beds lengthwise. Aligned, along a wall, they do not encroach on the playground! You can imagine placing a shelf between the two beds to create a separation.

© Verbaudet If your room is too small for this kind of configuration, you can install the beds side by side and trick with the decoration (we talk about it at the end of the article) to make the spaces more personal. And if really, the bedroom is too small and one of the children only comes temporarily (in the case of a blended family for example), you can opt for a pull-out model. On wheels, you can move it wherever you want!

2. Imagine a half partition

© Leroy Merlin To create two separate universes in the same room, it is not compulsory to have a partition between the beds. Indeed, you can materialize a separation using a few tips. Of course, you can always choose a canopy. But if not, simple furniture can act as a half partition. A bookcase, a rack shelf or even a screen can help define the spaces. Likewise, the storage units must be decided for the most optimal arrangement. Give them each a wardrobe and baskets so they can store their belongings in their own way. If you are short on space, you can opt for a shared wardrobe. In this case, you can distinguish the children's storage spaces using colors or masking tape!

3. Have fun with the decor

© Verbaudet Beyond the layout and furnishings of the child's bedroom, there are other tips for promoting personal areas. To be fair, make sure you have a light source near each bed! Whether it is direct access to switches, bedside lamps, night lights or even a light chain, children must be able to manage, independently, the light they need. In the same way, install a bedside table and shelves to both. Enough to allow them to create their own universe and mark out spaces. For decoration, you can have fun with painting by differentiating the sleeping areas with two (or more) colors. To differentiate the headboards, you can even use strips of wallpaper of different shades or masking tape to create geometric shapes on the walls. Above all, give them the choice (offer them several colors that you appreciate to be sure to be unanimous) in order to involve them in the decoration of THEIR room!

© AM.PM Finally, you can use the shape of the beds to delimit the spaces. And there is no shortage of possibilities. The trend in cabin beds is proof of that! Increasingly adopted by families, this type of bed makes it possible to create a cozy cocoon where the child takes refuge. So, if both can benefit from it in the same room, that's ideal! In the same genre, you can use a four-poster bed! Anyway, remember to vary the bed linen so that the two children take over their spaces once again…

4. Create a common area

© Verbaudet As you have understood, it is recommended to set up personal spaces in a double room in order to preserve the privacy of children. However, you should not forget to preserve a common space. A cozy little corner where - whatever the age difference - they can meet, let off steam and have fun together. Depending on the configuration of the room you have defined, you can imagine this relaxation corner in the center or in a corner of the room. Install a large carpet for comfort, cushions for lounging, a small side table and a storage chest with all the toys. Not only does it provide a friendly atmosphere, but it is also the ideal place for a beautiful fraternal relationship to be created ... Is it not?