I personalize my decor and my house on the Internet

I personalize my decor and my house on the Internet

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Today in 2010, in the digital era, it is now possible to decorate your interior without moving from your computer screen! The brands had the original idea of ​​designing dedicated sites, very easy to use, where everyone can personalize the different products offered to their taste. Lovers of the unique and original will be served. Discovery of innovative solutions…

I personalize my front door with K-Line

Too often overlooked, the front door is an integral part of the decoration and deserves attention. Manufacturer of aluminum doors, K-Line has looked into the subject and now offers a whole range of patterns to personalize it and make it more trendy. In order to facilitate the choice of your new entry point, the brand makes its expertise available to individuals 24 hours a day, via the website. Openings, models, colors, decorations, glazing, accessories ... the configurator will allow everyone to discover all the aesthetic possibilities with more than 5,000 possible combinations.

I customize my switches with Hager

Hager, the world's leading electrical installation giant, has launched a switch configurator through its new collection - Kallysta. Interactive, intuitive and fun, this tool lets you discover the whole decorative universe offered by the brand. With just a few clicks, choose your switch design, materials and colors to ensure the right harmony with your interior. The Kallysta configurator is the assurance of the relevant choice of its switch according to its decorative desires. All solutions are possible and you will be able to offer you personalized and original switches.

I personalize my household linen with Tendance Perso

With Tendance Perso you will be able to personalize your household linen and your textile decoration as you wish and thus make your souvenir photos unique elements of decoration. The site offers a varied and very complete range of products. Each product in the house has its own product to personalize: the bedroom and the bed linen, the living room (curtains, sheers, cushions, etc.), the dining room (tablecloths, sets, napkins, table runners, etc.) and even the stickers. for all your interior! The process is simple and in a few clicks you get an original and unique decorative element.

I personalize my tiles with Okhyo

Say goodbye to white earthenware without much interest with this new trendy personalization tool! Okhyo offers you a new innovation in the world of tiles: digital printing on tiles and thus personalizing each room in your interior. From their catalog or personal photos you can offer yourself the tiling of your desires! Whether it is a wall pendant or a smaller surface, these aesthetic and design tiles allow an original decoration for a unique style


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