Step deco: Bollywood-inspired furniture

Step deco: Bollywood-inspired furniture

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Because your secrets deserve a piece of furniture to hide them while highlighting them when you decide to contemplate them, here is a clever piece of furniture to help you keep them. Wallpaper, mirror stickers showcase the furniture of your choice so that your secrets are always well kept! Level: easy Completion time : 2:00 Indicative cost: 36 euros Necessary material : 1 small mottled piece of furniture = 4 euros 3 patterned papers = 1 euro per sheet 1 small pot of pink paint = 5 1 small pot of fuchsia pink paint = 5 1 small pot of sky blue paint = 5 1 medium board = 1 euro 1 cleat = 1 euro 1 spray glue = 12 euros Steps : - Turn the furniture over. - Measure the depth of the cabinet. - Transfer the measurements to a cleat. - Saw two battens. - Drill the ends of the cleats - Screw the cleats between the 2 doors. - Place the medium board on the cleats. - Paint the background in pink. - Paint the interior sides in fuchsia. - Paint the bottom in sky blue. - Paint the top of the cabinet red. - Bring an aged appearance with a few drops of black paint. - Glue a sheet of patterned paper with spray glue. - Place the sheet precisely on the inside of the large door. - Cut out the surplus. - Using other patterns, proceed in the same way for the small door ... - ... and for the medium board. - Stick decorative mirrors on the bottom of the furniture. The most decorative: The Bollywood spirit lends itself well to this customization. The mixture of materials, patterns and colors help to boldly accentuate the exoticism of your secrets. Creation Véronique Rambladi Thanks to Tollens


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