The hi-fi and audio equipment is vintage

The hi-fi and audio equipment is vintage

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Dhe wooden clocks, cathode ray tube televisions or even a retro record player, no you have not made a good time! But some designers are nostalgic for the past and have fun recreating vintage hi-fi and audio pieces. And the result is often amazing! First object to fall prey to designers: the alarm clock . Some look like the 1920s and 1930s thanks to a wood siding . Others, inspired by the 1950s are in plastic , flagship materials of the 1950s and 1960s! And of course without forgetting the famous wheel which slides on the FM or AM band… Another object to take a leap in time: the TV . Goodbye flat screen and other avant-garde design! The vintage television borrows the old forms imposed by the cathode ray tube even if the screen can be LCD. As for colors, anything is allowed, orange, green, white or even red brighten up the television unlike our often black and sad television sets. Finally, other objects become retro like record players but which do not forget the contemporary functionality, thanks to the integration of CD player for example. Here is a selection of hi-fi and very retro audio objects to bring the little extra that will make the difference in your interior.


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