Chain mail, a new material in the home

Chain mail, a new material in the home

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Chainmail is a fascinating material, both to look at and to touch. So much so that it now enters the house for various uses. Bruno Frison, Product Development Manager at Foin Cotte de Mailles, answers our questions.

What exactly is chain mail?

The chainmail is a tablecloth consisting of an assembly of rings. Each of the rings is passed through the four rings which are peripheral to it. They are most often welded in stainless steel wire, aluminum or brass. 130,000 rings may be required to make one square meter of chain mail.

What is the origin of chain mail?

Historically, chain mail was used for armor. It has imposed itself in the industrial world for many decades for the protection of hands and body, to make it, for example, gloves for cutting meat and aprons for butchers.

Why is chain mail today acclaimed by architects and decorators?

Because chain mail is a sensory, flexible, sensual and fluid material. Just touch it to understand. It allows you to create beautiful drapery effects that filter or reflect the ambient light, and create original privacy spaces, objects and even furniture. In addition, it goes very well with natural materials or color. In addition, it is a fireproof material.

Are there several kinds of chain mail?

The chainmail ring, which allows for flexible and fluid layers. The chainmail plate, which is made with small square or rectangular aluminum plates. The whole forms a sheet articulated by facets. At Foin® Cotte de Mailles, we also offer chainmail made of small brass or aluminum pellets, for decorative purposes.

Concretely, what can we do as home products in chainmail?

The chainmail is particularly suitable for delimiting spaces without obscuring them. We can therefore make curtains, Japanese panels, sunshades, windbreaks, railings ... But it is also used for interior decoration products: seats, cushions, lights, firewall for fireplaces etc. Recently, Foin® Cotte de Mailles launched a range of "ready-to-install" space dividers, the dimensions of which correspond to the usual construction standards.

What is the price of chain mail?

In the range of ready-to-install products, prices depend on the size of the panel. For example, it costs € 222 including tax for a panel 140 cm high. For special projects, prices are established on estimate.

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