Christmas decorations for a nature house

Christmas decorations for a nature house

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For Christmas, recreate a Nordic chalet-style atmosphere in your interior. Return to the values ​​of nature with a decoration where wood is in the spotlight!

Play with natural tones to create a vegetal atmosphere

The traditional garlands are changed to frosted wood garlands, the branches become bright for a festive atmosphere and the driftwood dresses the candle holders.

Ideas for a table decoration

Driftwood is ideal for decorating the table, you can even use it as a place marker by writing the first names of your guests on the pen. To make driftwood yourself: dip branches that you have collected in bleach. Dry perfectly with a cloth. Bleach them with a stick of wax or with a white paint to wipe. That's it ! Also collect pine cones or fir branches that you can place on the table runner.

Light also becomes vegetated

Prefer original light sources: have LED light branches in a vase or a bouquet of bright orchids (Nature and Discoveries), place candles in the shape of a pine cone (Amadeus) and decorate the tree Casa nature of string lights as if it were a traditional fir tree.

Don't forget the vegetable scents

Finally, use the cinnamon decorations from Nature and Discoveries as a napkin ring: simply roll the napkin and pass it through the string normally used for hanging. Your towels will be decorated with hearts, stars or fir that smell like cinnamon.


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