Funny utensils for the kitchen

Funny utensils for the kitchen

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Designers compete with imagination to bring a humorous touch to your kitchen. Enough to spice up the meal and its preparation. Kitchen utensils come to life: the skimmer becomes Lady Donna, spoons, brushes, whisks and spatulas become funny characters in silicone and the traditional oven mitt is none other than the famous @ auto @ software: 11504 Pacman . We serve the spaghetti with a gluttonous hippopotamus and cut the cake with a saw. There's nothing to understand, there is no doubt that your guests will be taken aback! But if such accessories appear in the kitchen, it is mainly thanks to silicone. This material entered the kitchen with the cake molds and gradually gained the rest of the utensils. Flexible, silicone makes it possible to take the most extravagant forms but also to be very colorful. For the humorous touch, we play with offsets: unexpected objects appear. We use a saw to cut the cake and a hippopotamus mouth to serve the spaghetti. Diversion is in the spotlight and kitchen utensils no longer seem to be simple functional objects. Cooking is almost child's play!


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