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Laurence Fournet is a specialist in interior design. For several years, she has been helping individuals to rethink their interior and their house plan, whether in new construction or in repair. She gives us her keys to get rid of our decoration problems.

You offer accompaniment and consultancy services in decoration. How is your expertise different from that of an interior decorator?

The decoration of your interior and its layout speak volumes about your personality. The way you organize your interior often reflects a more buried expression. However very often the interiors do not translate, or badly the personality of their occupants. Between the photos of specialized magazines and the means available to most individuals to decorate their interior, there is a huge gap. Result: you can't get a decoration that suits you and you are disappointed. This is where I come in to reconcile the dream and reality, while leaving the client an agent of change, I awaken it, educate it and it acts.

Can you detail a little more?

To transform its interior is to transform its living environment. It is to re-animate it, to give it a soul. We therefore do not modify its decoration without agreeing to change its look a little about what surrounds you, by reconsidering it differently. Any request underpins this reconsideration process. It is essentially there that I come into this work of observation, helping to look differently to go into a change of just decorative environment, in harmony with the desired well-being. In the world of decoration and interior design, the temptation is great to succumb to the latest trendy products by thinking that they will give a radically different look to our house. However, you can accumulate design and decorative objects while multiplying the errors of taste. A new piece of furniture or accessory may give you an impression of novelty, but after the purchase stage, you will probably continue to feel unwell. Knowing how to fall in love with decorative elements is knowing that they must fit in with you, in an interior that must resemble you, and sometimes alone you can't do it, you fall aside, dissatisfied. The problem lies well upstream.

What is the solution to decoration problems?

To feel good in an interior, you must already feel at home, find your way there with happiness and feel there in peace and security! My expertise consists in adapting the interiors to the personality and therefore to the tastes of the people who occupy it. It is a job that requires above all a real ability to listen and even empathy to succeed in representing and understanding customer expectations. In general, clients know what they want, but they cannot formulate it. I help them to become aware of these obstacles which block them in their decorative approaches so that they then feel free to create an interior that is truly theirs.

Do you help customers buy new furniture or carry out work?

Of course ! I open my address book to all my clients. If they are looking for a particular decorative object or a specialized craftsman I can tell them. However, I do not make the purchase the highlight of my approach. There is a fair purchase only if there is a reassured customer. Once you are reconciled with your interior, buying a piece of wallpaper or considering work becomes a pleasure. I am not the prime contractor, I initiate the transformations and write a consultation report, real specifications, containing my ideas and my advice. The rest is in the care of the customers, either he entrusts to companies and monitors the work, or he does it himself.

How does your service actually work?

I go to your house after making an appointment. You present me the room (s), or the plan of your house that are problematic and I help you discover the solution (s) most suited to your tastes and needs. Depending on your concerns and needs, I can go from one to five hours. If the need arises, I can also offer you a second consultation. I have a single hourly rate of 120 euros including the consultation and the consultation report which is then sent to the customer very quickly. One last very important point: In decoration and architecture, the success of a place is the fruit of anticipation, you have to know how to project your desires to combine them with your needs in order to obtain the harmonious environment adapted to your property. to be at home. We get there all the better when we are lit by the lights of an expert.Laurence Fournet will be present at the new departure show from November 7 to 8: For more info: www.chez-soi