15 must-haves from the Purpose catalog

15 must-haves from the Purpose catalog

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Created in 1972, the brand But continues to evolve to be closer to the expectations of households and launched in 2009 its first catalog "Inspirations". Aim defined its catalog as a concentrate of inspiration, ideas, tips and big brands to furnish, decorate, furnish and equip the whole house. Design or country charm, there is something for all styles: deciphering the essentials from this first catalog:

Clever and modular furniture

The store understands that our interiors are not frozen and thus offers a range of clever furniture: the poufs of the Alicia coffee table (99 euros) fit perfectly into its S-structure to gain maximum space and the table Tranfor (790 euros) is both a coffee table and a dining table that takes advantage of two extensions to accommodate your friends.

Decorative lighting

Brighten up your interior with pendant lights and real decorative items. The frosted chandelier (99 euros) revisits the pendants while the Goutte suspension (29 euros) adorns your bulb with a very designer iron frame.

Designer furniture

From very small spaces to the most spacious, the design is familiar to our interiors, whether in the kitchen with a can in the shape of a can (59 euros) or in the dining room with a table with clean lines and metal legs (269 euros).

A baroque spirit

If you prefer the Baroque style, But does not forget you and offers a Barocco chest (349 euros) with elegant curves that will go perfectly with the chandelier chandeliers (89 euros) which will light up your interior with these 5 lights.

A colorful collection

Finally, for a vitaminized interior choose between the lex @ auto @ colors: orange: orange, green or plum from the Diabolo fireside chair (99 euros) or pink, electric blue, green or plum from the Costy tv stand (10 euros). > More info on


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