The functional office of Miranda Hobbes from Sex and the city

The functional office of Miranda Hobbes from Sex and the city

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Lawyer in a renowned law firm, Miranda is the businesswoman from Sex and the City. Careerist and devoting a large part of her life to her work, the young woman often forgets her private life, even if it means separating from the man she really loves. Because even if her friends are there and the outings are numerous, Miranda only really comes true through work. Organized and passionate , she gradually climbed the ladder to obtain a prestigious position as a lawyer.

And if we were inspired by Miranda for us too to be organized in our work?

It is therefore necessary to arrange his office at best! First get a multimedia office designed to accommodate a computer. On the electronic side, don't forget the mobile phone charger which also has the alarm function. This alerts you with a light signal during a call so as not to disturb you. A dual function usb stick (usb stick and lamp for example) can also be useful. And why not a designer mouse? For office equipment, the designers have thought of you by offering functional and fun objects, such as a pencil holder thought of as blades of grass , an adhesive dispenser in the form of little character or a pretty architect lamp adjustable. Enough to be equipped in a fun and functional way, to organize your work well like Miranda!