How to set a table well

How to set a table well

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You don't want to look like Julia Roberts in the restaurant scene from the movie Pretty Woman? So learn the rules of use in the arrangement and use of cutlery at the table. If some variants exist, some rules are immutable.

The plates

Place them about 2 cm from the edge of the table. Do not stack flat plates, only a flat plate with a presentation plate or a deep plate. In any case, never stack more than three plates. The presentation plate must be changed or removed at the time of the cheese. A plate can also be placed at the top left of the plates to accommodate the bread.


They must be placed in the order of use from the outside. Knives on the right and forks on the left, except for oyster and snail forks which come to the right of the knives. If guests need a tablespoon, place it outside the knives. The knives must be placed sharp inward and the forks curved side above (unlike the Anglo-Saxon customs). The knife holder is only necessary if the cutlery is not changed between each dish. Dessert cutlery can either be brought with the dessert, or placed between the glasses and the plate.

The glasses

They are placed above the plate, in order of magnitude, the largest, the water glass, being the leftmost. If champagne is served, place the flutes either behind the glasses or to their left.

Napkins and tablecloth

The main thing is that they are clean and well ironed. The napkins can be folded in different ways to add a decorative aspect, but do not do too much at the risk of making your guests play origami (Japanese folding) ... And go to the table!