Hammam inspiration in the bathroom

Hammam inspiration in the bathroom

The evocative hammam of well-being inspires you. This steam bath was originally born from the Roman baths and consisted of several increasingly hot rooms. It has the beneficial effect of dilating the pores for perfect hygiene. But at home, it will be difficult for you to make your own hammam. However without breaking everything, recreate in your bathroom a hammam style atmosphere and feel the benefits.

Warm colors inspired by the Maghreb

With a few brushstrokes of plum, brown or red color, you can help create a Hammam-style atmosphere. Then accompany with some preferably natural candles (100% natural candle from Estéban at 30 euros) so that your room takes on a new dimension thanks to the sparkling candles.

Fragrances evoking well-being

Cinnamon, argan, laurel, olive, jasmine, orange blossom are preferred scents. In bath oil or in a diffuser, in addition to their soothing and relaxing properties, they will delicately scent your bathroom.

Decorative accessories

Create a relaxation area by installing a small braided stool, which is always handy for placing towels or applying your creams. Continue by installing a set near the sink: soap dish, tray, tinned metal cup. And put hammam sheets on the side of your bathtub.