The BBC label: a low consumption requirement to prepare for the future

The BBC label: a low consumption requirement to prepare for the future

We hear more and more about the BBC label. But what is it exactly? Who is it for and what is it for? Decryption by Jean-François Battoue, Head of Habitat Partnerships at GDF SUEZ.

What does this acronym mean?

BBC stands for low consumption building. This label corresponds to the highest level of the High Energy Performance label. It is intended to prepare the 2012 regulations. Low consumption housing requires heating, hot water, ventilation and lighting systems. To obtain the BBC label, a dwelling must approach a certain level of primary energy consumption per m².

What type of accommodation does it concern?

Especially new housing, because it is much easier to take into account the energy consumption upstream of construction. A new home today consumes 120 kWhep / m² per year on the average of the French territory. By 2012, the BBC label will be mandatory for all new buildings, whether individual or collective. To be BBC, an accommodation must consume 50 kWhep on average, but in reality between 40 and 65 depending on the region where it is located. Existing homes are not affected by this legislation but to be BBC, they will have to consume around 80 kWhep / m² per year on average.

A BBC house is a house that understands what?

The label measures an overall performance of the house. To reach the required level of consumption, good insulation, good ventilation and a good heating system are required: either a heat pump or a natural gas condensing boiler coupled with solar panels for hot water.

What are the concrete benefits of BBC housing?

First of all, it is comfortable because it is well heated, without heat loss in winter. It saves on electricity and gas bills. It also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Its additional cost is offset by public financial aid. Finally, a BBC home, when sold, will have an added value compared to homes that are not certified low consumption.

How to buy or build a BBC home?

Ask the builder or promoter what BBC level it is at. Some make it a business argument. But we can also trust the Energy label, which has been mandatory since 2007, which gives the result of the energy performance diagnosis. The BBC label corresponds to an A or B classification of the Energy label. Since mid-September 2009, real estate professionals have had to publish the Energy label with their advertisement.

What financial support comes with this label?

There should soon be government aid to encourage the purchase of BBC housing, particularly under the Scellier law. In addition, you should know that for BBC housing, you can deduct 40% of loan interest for 7 years, against 40% the first year and 20% for 4 years for other housing. These savings make it possible to finance all the equipment such as the gas condensing boiler and the solar panels or the heat pump. It is also possible to obtain regional aid. The Solfea bank, a subsidiary of GDF SUEZ, offers subsidized financing to help carry out the work. To know more :