Manhattan style pays tribute to Woody Allen

Manhattan style pays tribute to Woody Allen

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He is one of the most talented American directors, Woody Allen is also the most New Yorker of them. Originally from the Big Apple and more precisely in Brooklyn, Allen Stewart Königsberg quickly left for the island of Manhattan to start studying cinema and communication. But the urge to write quickly got the better of his university studies and he directed his first film "Lily la Tigresse" in 1966, at the age of 31. A few years later, Woody Allen produced "Annie Hall", "Manhattan" or "The Purple Rose of Cairo", some of his greatest successes. In his films, the New York director often brings into play the particular setting of Manhattan and its atmosphere like no other. He also honors the island three times in the title of his films with "Manhattan" in 1979, "Mysterious murder in Manhattan" in 1993 and "Shot on Broadway" in 1994. To recreate the special atmosphere of Woody Allen's films, bring a little Manhattan home with some stickers reproducing the buildings, but also cushions bearing the image of the famous yellow New York taxi or posters reproducing the facades of the buildings of Greenwich Village , one of the neighborhoods in Manhattan. What make you want to really visit the Big Apple!


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