Black for a graphic show

Black for a graphic show

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Long banished from our homes, black has proven in recent years a rising value in decoration. A mixture of the three primary colors of red, yellow and blue, black is a neutral color that matches all the others. Symbol of elegance in fashion, black is also in decoration. Elegant and mysterious, it brings a graphic and design dimension to a living room. But beware, black can be oppressive, especially in a small room, hence the necessary parsimony with which it must be used. On the paint side, it can be used on a wall panel or striped in a large room. Avoid it in a small room, it could be oppressive. For furniture, some airy pieces of furniture adapt particularly well to black like shelves or bookcases whose straight lines will bring out the graphic side. Small pieces of furniture like low tables or chairs also lend themselves to it. And for a luminous black, think of lacquered black, very contemporary. In the decoration, a few black objects placed here and there make it possible to bring out the support on which they are placed. Vases, frames on a light wall, cushions on a sofa provide a very visual graphic touch. Finally, in order to bring out the graphic side of black, its association with other colors is essential. White seems predisposed to this association. Black and white objects are particularly indicated and widely promoted in recent times! But to avoid monotony, add some warmer colors like yellow, red or pink…


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