D&CO Before / after: The tangy cuisine

D&CO Before / after: The tangy cuisine

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The challenge of Valérie Damidot and her team: transforming the somewhat old-fashioned cuisine of the two sisters Dorothée and Bérengère into a colorful and very feminine cuisine. The result ? It's up to you to discover it in the slideshow below! Painting "Blue slate" "Bleu Byzance" CLAY For the realization of the door Slate paint PEBEO For customizing closets Opaque PVC adhesive film red, green, pink Brushed stainless steel sheet 0.8 mm WEBER METALS Tableware Range "LUCKY LOOP" mugs, salad bowl, creamer, sugar bowl, vase, bowl, bowls VILLEROY AND BOCH Tray "GALLERY TRAY" orange Salad bowl "CONFETTI" fushia Salad bowl "CONFETTI" turquoise Cups "CONFETTI" fuchsia, Turquoise Cups "DOT DOT" with orange dots, Fushia Pitcher "DOT DOT" with fuchsia dots Egg cups " POP "Small spoons" POP "Salad servers Fushia, turquoise Salad bowl" SEASIDE "SERVING BOWL orange Flat trays" SEASIDE "fushia ,, yellow Mini colanders fushia, turquoise, orange ZAK! DESIGNS Tel. point of sale information: "Covered" floor stickers PERSONALIZED DECOR www.perso Pendulum GIFI
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