Cutlery: instructions for use

Cutlery: instructions for use

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It is not always easy to set the table without committing any odds. Small summary. In France, and it is different in England, know that the fork is placed on the left of the plate, points towards the table and the knife on the right, cutting towards the plate - in England, the cutting is towards the outside . As for the tablespoon, it is placed to the right of the knife, hollow towards the table. Even if there are several types of cover, we never put more than three. Always place them in the order in which you will use them, from the outside to the inside of the plate. The cheese knife and other dessert cutlery is placed between the glass and the plate: the one you will use first will be the closest to the glass and so on. For glasses, you must classify them in descending order of size, from left to right. Even for a most basic meal, you must offer at least two glasses: one for water and one for wine. For plates, you can place a deep plate on a flat plate in advance, but you must reserve the cheese and dessert plates in the kitchen. It is customary to change plates after soup and before dessert. For the comfort of the guests, the plates should be spaced about 60 cm apart.

These explanations are taken from the book "an almost perfect dinner" edited by Hachette Pratique and M6 editions (160 pages - 15 euros). More info on the M6 ​​broadcast: undinerpresqueparfait.m6.fr