Paneling to customize

Paneling to customize

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In its paneled version, wood returns in our interiors. Long neglected, it is brought up to date for its countless advantages. Ecological, thermal and sound insulating, the paneling is also ideal for camouflaging a wall with unsightly reliefs or for concealing an electrical installation without having to embark on major DIY work. Latest paneling: the "ready to decorate" by Imberty. The wood of these panels is eco-certified PEFC and is guaranteed for 10 years. Each of the boards can be easily personalized. The surface is ready to receive a single coat of paint, varnish or stain. No more sanding and waiting between coats. Put it down, paint it and voila! Several finishes are available: raw, brushed, planed or smoothed appearance. It also exists in different wood species: pine, fir, or chestnut and various dimensions: from 70 mm to 195 mm wide. On the price side, count between 21 and 39 euros per m2. > Find out more about the Imberty AVANT range