Recycle a plastic sheet

Recycle a plastic sheet

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With a few scissor strokes, give an ordinary plastic tablecloth a touch of novelty.


1 rectangle or a square of white plasticized canvas the dimensions of the table to cover Adhesive plastic film of colors (here, red, orange, yellow and green) Tracing paper 1 pencil to paper 1 pair of scissors

Production :


Transfer the floral patterns pdf: 277672 and transfer them to the backs of the adhesive plastic films. Cut them out.

20'Application of grounds

Place your tablecloth flat on the table. Apply the patterns to the center of the tablecloth, removing the protective film slowly and rubbing the adhesive part as you go along with a dry cloth.


If air bubbles appear, pierce them with a very fine needle. There are all kinds of adhesive films, plain, with material effects, or even printed, of flowers or graphic patterns, for example. Here we have chosen bright, solid and shiny colors to achieve a Pop effect. But these same shapes can very well be cut in plastic films with floral patterns, for example, for a spring table, or even with a hammered effect, for a more urban table. These plastic films are generally sold by the meter. Take the opportunity to vary the colors in the same range or the patterns in the same tone.


You can prefer the patterns placed in frieze rather than in medallion, in particular for square or rectangular tables. Then choose motif n ° 2 pdf: 277676 and place it at the base of your tablecloth all around.

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