A plaid for winter!

A plaid for winter!

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The word plaid, of Scottish origin, means blanket: it is a large thick fabric used to warm up. Originally with the Scottish tile pattern, the materials and patterns have evolved and adapt to your comfort while being a decorative object. On a sofa or a bed, the plaid is the central object of a cocooning decoration. Curl up in the Alinéa faux fur plaids (32 euros) or Becquet (83.30 euros). Rub yourself in the softness of the downy plaids Swing (15 euros) from Alinéa and Lama (64.50 euros) from La redoute or the softness of the plaid Ofelia (25 euros) from Ikea. If you are looking for something more original, the Buddy sofa blanket (115 euros) is made so that you are never alone at Absolutely design again. Display your VIP side with the plaid of the same name (22 euros) always at Absolutely design. Otherwise prefer the plaid with floral borders (44.50 euros) from Love House, the polka dot plaid (8.50 euros) from Alinéa or the pompom plaid (99 euros) from File in your room. More classic, opt for the crocheted plaid (53.40 euros) from La redoute or the quilted plaid (85.50 euros) from Becquet. Finally, for a return to the origins of the plaid, head to the Scottish motif (13.29 euros) at La redoute.


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