8 inspirations for a 50's atmosphere in its interior

8 inspirations for a 50's atmosphere in its interior

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Post-war period, the 1950s marked an important turning point in the world of design. Codes are changing, new materials are emerging but above all, all fantasies are allowed! The furniture frees itself from lines that are too straight and too strict and the decor is colorful, playful and joyful. To adopt the retro trend in your interior, discover our 8 favorite inspirations for a decor worthy of the 50s…

1. A retro living room up to date

A retro but modern decor. This is how we could qualify this living room where we find some key elements of the 50s like the bistro chair, the graphic wallpaper pasted on the bottom of the furniture, orange notes for the tangy touch and framed vinyls for the wall decor. ...

2. Period furniture

Nothing like hunting for old furniture and decorative items to create a retro interior! Here, a vintage Scandinavian-style yellow armchair, a phonograph of yesteryear and a few vinyl records serve as winks to remember the previous era!

3. Retro pop cuisine

Welcome to 1950s America with this retro kitchen! Home appliances play an important role with, for example, the smeg refrigerator or vintage scales. Add vintage advertising posters and metallic plates for maximum effect! All you have to do is put on your pin-up costume and live the American dream…

4. Furniture with irregular shapes

The 1950s were marked by the post-war period. And with them, a will develops to counteract the rigidity of the time. Indoors, this results in furniture with rounded and irregular shapes that stand out from traditional furniture. This is the case with three-legged tables! So, to get inspired by retro design, you know what you have to do!

5. A checkerboard floor

Take your interior on a journey through the 1950s by opting for a black and white checkered floor covering. Often used at the time, this type of tiling has the advantage of being ultra easy to maintain! The good decor idea? Use this type of pattern to delimit a space like this kitchen!

6. Formica here and there

It is THE material of the 50s! And for good reason, it has attracted a good number of individuals thanks to its many colors and its ease of maintenance. If formica was an integral part of kitchen furniture, it is used today in small touches to avoid touching the overdose. A stool in the bathroom, a few chairs that we mismatch with other vintage models around the dining room…

7. A central bathtub

We keep going back in the bathroom. With its generous dimensions and luscious forms, the central bathtub will immerse you in no time in the Haussmann style interiors of the 50s. Complete with objects found in flea markets for a retro atmosphere of the most successful!

8. Geometric wallpaper

We did not find better than geometric and colorful wallpaper to give an air of the 50s to its interior. Tangy orange, lemon yellow, turquoise blue, light beige ... The colors are bright and light and allow a bit of fantasy to come into your interior design!