8 decorative inspirations around the Easter egg

8 decorative inspirations around the Easter egg

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No, Easter eggs are not always chocolate! To decorate your table or your interior in general, chicken eggs are great allies to celebrate Easter. Full or empty, whole or broken, colored or natural ... Discover our best decorative inspirations around the Easter egg!

1. Eggs for napkins

Here is an original way to present your napkins. Take an egg and draw eyes and a small animal nose on it, wrap it in a delicately folded napkin that you tie with a rope ... And here you are with an adorable rabbit to decorate your Easter table.

2. Vases with eggs

And if you take advantage of Easter to divert your eggs into decorative objects? Once empty, the eggshells can be diverted into small vases. Use earth or moss at the bottom of the shell and all you have to do is prick your favorite miniature flowers…

3. Unicorn shaped eggs

For Easter, we are out of conventions with this decorative creation, we can no longer, atypical! The idea is to use an egg to create an adorable unicorn head. Make a small paper cone, stick it on top of the egg, draw the eyes with a felt pen and add a few flowers for the final touch!

4. Patterned eggs

Easter eggs are adorned with their most beautiful colors and are adorned with patterns of all kinds thanks to painting. Let the artist inside you speak to imagine festive illustrations. Gather your eggs in pretty baskets and place them on your Easter table!

5. A crown of eggs

The crown of flowers? Already seen ! For Easter, it is the eggshells that form an unusual crown! We like the idea of ​​painting them in pastel colors for the touch of sweetness and poetry. Add straw and flowers inside the shells and voila!

6. Rabbit shaped eggs

In the same way as for the unicorn, the egg can be used to create adorable animal decorations. Here, the Easter eggs have been turned into rabbits. Make paper ears and glue them, use a little cotton to act as a tail and position your rabbits in cupcake molds for the decorative touch!

7. Whisked eggs

As with this inspiration, transform your Easter eggs into little mustache characters using markers. And to go further, you can even create a character for each guest and use eggs as a place card! Flowers for the ladies and mustaches and bow ties for the gentlemen!

8. Flower eggs

Once again, here is an Easter decor idea that is as easy as it is quick to do! And for good reason, you only need a few chicken eggs, cut flowers and twine (rope, raffia ...). Attach the flowers to the eggs using the string and place them on your Easter table here and there ... Guaranteed effect!