Entrance feng shui: welcome and fluidity

Entrance feng shui: welcome and fluidity

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Anything that interferes with movement and obstructs the eye must change places. Before deciding to remove a piece of furniture or an object, ask where it would be best. An unpleasant buffet, if it is just behind the door, for example, becomes interesting if it covers a back wall. Store by completely clearing the immediate surroundings around the door. If your entry has a window, take the opportunity to enhance its edge in a useful and pleasant way: remove any unnecessary or bulky object or that creates an impression of disorder. Place a cup that will accommodate the keys (and only the keys because everything has its place!), A transparent soliflore and its rose, or a small pot of flowers. Moving can also mean transforming: to increase the volume and harmonize this room, especially if it is in the hallway, consider skating or repainting a piece of furniture lacking in character or too imposing. Check that the wall ornaments harmonize: in a small space, one or two of the walls must be devoid of it, even if it means assembling all the paintings side by side to create a composition that makes sense (if necessary, changing the frames so that 'they are all similar or complementary, for example).


The entrance to your interior is the threshold by which the "qi" enters the house, so it must be as clear as possible. Difficult access, darkness, narrowness: so many faults to be rectified so that energy flows in harmony. It is the place par excellence where the objects should not hang out: neither shoes, nor bags (leave them a space in a cupboard, or provide a piece of furniture specially designed for this use). In a narrow entrance, remove the tall furniture that obstructs the view. Also remove the lampshades: placed on a piece of furniture, they clutter and do not light enough. This room must be very bright, a chandelier is better.


Opt for a joyful chime, which tinkles with each pass and whose effect is beneficial on morale. A mirror that enlarges the space: preferably place it on the back wall and choose it in a round and soft shape. If your entry is a little dark, a fortiori if it does not have a window, play with color and repaint the walls in orange, the color of vitality and enthusiasm. If you live in a house, decorate each side of the door with a plant or two. Choose according to the style of your entry, the climate and the impression you want to create. Boxwood (bush or tree) or small conifers give a structured appearance favorable to somewhat muddled minds. Honeysuckle, old roses, wisteria energize femininity and creative momentum, conducive to personal and artistic work.


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