8 decorative accessories for a Christmas with a natural spirit!

8 decorative accessories for a Christmas with a natural spirit!

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Once upon a time there was a Christmas decor with a natural spirit, inspired by the enchanted forest. Discover the history of this wonderful staging through the decorative selection of the editorial staff. Under the sign of wood, raw materials and natural tones…

Christmas ball in golden glass, € 6.48 *, Glassor

We begin this selection with an essential accessory for the decoration of the tree. This glass Christmas ball combines glitter and winks to nature to warm family evenings by the fire with brown, natural and coppery tones.

Nature Tree Garland, € 14.50 *, Xmas Living Glass

This garland, decorated with graphic and poetic wooden fir trees, smells of forest air. And as it is out of the question to walk in the forest without lighting, it is equipped with 16 LEDs to illuminate the Christmas decor with a soft and reassuring light.

Fillet table decoration, € 21.80 *, Aubry Gaspard

We like the idea of ​​borrowing its treasures from nature to compose a plant staging with forest accents. Delicately disseminate this mixture of pine cones, hearts and stars on the festive table to make the spirit of the Lapland forests blow into the Christmas decor…

Glass bell to hang, € 3.50 *, Dekoboutique

We continue with a pretty hanging bell combining the warmth of wood and the chic of glass. Perfect for changing from the classic Christmas ball and singing a melodious "my beautiful tree, king of the forests ...".

Light bleached fir tree to ask, € 11.12, Dekoboutique

This bleached light wooden tree immerses us in a forest universe imbued with dreamy poetry and immaculate flakes. To place delicately on the festive table to draw a decor as sweet as Christmas night ...

Luminous wooden star to hang, € 17.80, Aubry Gaspard

A star from the cold to warm the house: admit that it is not trivial. This Christmas decoration signed Aubry Gaspard displays beautiful natural and gray tones to propel us into a universe as natural as magical.

Glass Christmas bauble with silver fir motifs, € 5.30 *, Glassor

A beautiful brown dress, conifers in silver glitter and a few snowflakes ... This glass Christmas ball proves that it takes little to place your Christmas decor under the sign of the forest.

Wooden decoration to hang, € 2.50 *, Dekoboutique

This hanging Christmas decoration completes our decorative walk in the forest. Here, the stylized patterns of the bronze metal blend perfectly with the natural tones of wood ... to better watch over the king of the forest, our beautiful fir tree! More magic, always more magic? Discover our selection of decorations for Christmas! img id = "224317" / prices noted on the site on 12/04/2017, subject to change based on commercial offers.