How to arrange a room with a mezzanine?

How to arrange a room with a mezzanine?

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The advantage of a mezzanine is the additional square meters. But before creating and fitting out this space in a bedroom, there are a lot of things to think about: the ceiling height, because we don't like to give it a whim, the access, the brightness… And the use ! A mezzanine in a bedroom is a cozy cocoon full of freedom. Let's enjoy it!

Preamble: the mezzanine is to be built

The mezzanine, you dream of it and that's it, it's decided, do you realize it? Congratulations! It's pretty, a mezzanine. Whether in an industrial style, with a metallic railing, or more traditional, in its wooded case, it brings a beautiful double: cachet and functionality. The essential is that the style of the mezzanine is in continuity with that of the room it dominates. But do you need to apply for a building permit, can you create a window? It depends, and we tell you more about it here.

Mezzanine or loft bed?

The mezzanine bed is a kind of combination that perches the bed high, to free up space or storage underneath. It is a classic in the children's bedroom, which fortunately is also available in adult versions (and double bed!). It is also an excellent option for exploiting the height of a room without embarking on a large site: these are not works, but a very large piece of furniture to build!

A loft bed, a desk, storage space and a modern style

Choose access to the mezzanine

Because the mezzanine is a solution for creating a new space, we often hesitate to grant it a real staircase. It takes up space on the ground, for a function that a simple ladder could fulfill. Except there are smart stairs! We can integrate storage, cupboards, even a dressing room, and guarantee easy access to your mezzanine floor. Let us not forget that it is also an element of decoration! Rest assured, the scale is not pointed out as a bad idea (a miller's scale, it's way too pretty for that). It's just the practical spirit that blows in your ear "only if you don't regularly have things to climb on the mezzanine" ... And we can admit that yes, better to wear nothing when climbing a ladder.

A multifunctional staircase, for an optimized space

The classic layout: because it's worth it!

Whether with a loft bed or a mezzanine bed, the high bed is a classic. It is not in a horizontal position that the ceiling hits our forehead, and the space cleared below seems gigantic. And there, everything is possible: an office, a bathroom, a workshop, a small living room (TV or not)?

A lounge area under the bed, a storage staircase

The new room: an office, a dressing room?

If you get up often at night or if your schedules are staggered with your partner, you may prefer a bed on the floor. It's easier to get out discreetly, and less dangerous in the middle of the night! Your mezzanine becomes the ideal place to install an office: we prefer low furniture to promote an impression of height, a wall can be used for a few high shelves, but the floor storage will be seen much less from the ground. We can also consider a dressing room, if the height under the ceiling allows you! It's often complicated, but this photo is a bit of a dream…

A mezzanine, for everything in dressing space graped in height

A boost for light

The mezzanine and the space below benefit from less natural light compared to the rest of the room: lighting therefore becomes central to your comfort! Obviously we avoid chandeliers and suspensions which we could bump into, and we favor the ambient lamps, to maintain the feeling of cocooning, and some useful lighting, with lamps distributed at strategic points (reading corner, bedside lamp, desk …). Mirrors also have the talent to reflect light, and a mosaic of frames and mirrors on the stairs is often the most beautiful effect!

Dedicated lamps for each use of the room